Motor Yacht charters

Power boat rentals with La Princesa:

We feature dinners from different culture's and countries during your trip on board power boat La Princesa. This cultural event provides real music from a particular country, drinks especially prepared,and a complete menu with original recipies.


Insalata Caprese, Risotto, Tiramisu, Espresso coffee w/ biscotti and
Amaretto. Music by Andrea Boccelli Pinot Grigio and Chianti wines.


Home-made Margaritas, or "Banderitas", Pollo con Mole Poblano
(Chicken with Chocolate/peanut sauce), Flan de la casa, Espresso Coffee. Mariachi, Ranchera and Bolero Music. Spanish Brandy.

Puerto Rico:

Lobster Salad, Fried Pork with Tostones (flattened, fried
green plantain slices), Beans and Rice, Flan, Rum and Cokes, Brandy; Salsa and Merengue music,

Picnics On The Beach:

We provide typical English style lunches with cucumber and roast-beef sandwiches and Champagne in a Basket served on the beach and under a palm tree.


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