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Motor yacht in luxurious style as you enjoy a relaxed itinerary of your own personal design. Timeless luxury yachting meets effortless comfort as you leave the navigation to your captain and entrust the meals to your private chef. Every hour in paradise is yours to spend swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing at your own unhurried pace.

You'll explore your dream destination in complete relaxation while
your yacht crew takes care of everything.
Fine meals and light snacks,
water sports equipment and an open ship's bar — our private cruise vacation for your family group is unique to the vacation industry, and comes with your own crewed power yacht, with unparalleled personal service.

A La Princesa crewed motor yacht vacation is a great family adventure, where children wake to a daily change of scenery and a new world of activities. You'll wonder why the big ocean liners can't reach and anchor where the sunset beckons. It's an adventure of priceless memories made perfect through our more than thirty years
of experience.

La Princesa is a magnificent shallow drafted motor yacht and can get to 5% more hide away blue lagoons than other vessels.
Comfort, stability and that soft rich feeling of home is a La Princesa trademark.

La Princesa is perfect for 4 guests 

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